Fees must be paid in full on or before the first day of term. Interest may be charged on any fees outstanding. The school reserves the right to exclude any child for whom fees have not been paid.

Lunch, full day care, club and instrumental tuition fees are payable on or before the first day of term. No refunds are made for absence, for whatever reason.

Where parents wish to withdraw their child from the school, we require a whole, full term’s notice to be given.  To do this, parents must notify us, in writing, by the last day of the term preceding the one at the end of which the child will leave.  Failing this, parents are liable for one term's fee in lieu of notice.

Fees for the Academic Year 2018 / 2019:

Standard fee per term: £5,857

Milk per term: £18.00

Lunch per day: £4.65

Peripatetic lessons: £24.80 per lesson


Please read our Sibling Discount Policy.

See our FAQs page for other fee related information.