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Chamber Choir Tour Day 4

23 June 2016

The Last Day!....

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Chamber Choir Tour Day 3

22 June 2016

After a welcome sleep in this morning, we enjoyed another continental breakfast before getting on the coach to San Gimignano....

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Chamber Choir Tour Day 2

21 June 2016

We started the morning with a continental breakfast which set us up for the day. The weather was sunny and bright and all of us had smiles, as well as plenty of sun cream, on our faces.

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Chamber Choir Tour Day 1

20 June 2016

The day started early with everyone arriving at the airport on time by twenty to seven.....

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Tree Hugging

Day 4 – Moorland Hall Y4

09 June 2016

Well, we are definitely working up decent appetites this week with a record breaking five pancakes eaten at breakfast time this morning by one individual, in addition to cereal and toast, far outstripping any staff member. The same individual conquered all the vegetables on their roast dinner, too, coming back for extra portions of turkey and potatoes. It’s great to see the children appreciating their food and improving their table etiquette.

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Propping up the tor!

Day 3 – Moorland Hall Y4

08 June 2016

After our long day yesterday, there were not quite so many early birds chirping away this morning before the 7:30am wakeup call but all bounced enthusiastically to breakfast, guzzling first, second and third helpings. Some did still manage to find time to make some sock art to please the high expectations of the dorm inspectors, though.

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More Moor, please!

Day 2 – Moorland Hall Y4

07 June 2016

Day 2 – Moorland Hall Y4

The excited early risers looked a little disappointed this morning as they looked out of their windows to see the moor fog lingering in the valley but they didn’t have to wait long before they were slip, slap, slopping their way through activities in beautiful sunshine.

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Games on Gibbet Hill

Day 1 – Moorland Hall Y4

06 June 2016

Good evening from Moorland Hall!

It’s been a long day of travelling but totally worth it to get to the beautiful Moorland Hall and take in that first breath of country air.

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