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Mr Howes and a few children on the walk

Sayers Croft Day Two - Pitch Hill

16 May 2017

Firstly, apologies for the mixed up photos yesterday.  I hope that I have resolved the error and that the photos from both days are now available. 


Today we have had a terrific day climbing up and down Pitch Hill on a beautiful day.  The children have done you and us all proud with their attitude and effort!

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Team work on the Challenge Course

Our first day of adventures at Sayers Croft

15 May 2017

After winding our way down to Sayers Croft, via some tight lanes, both coaches arrived at 10.30am. The children carried their cases down to the dorms where they were instructed on how to make their beds.  This was a sight to see. Duvet covers, fitted sheets and pillow cases found their way onto beds in the most interesting ways!

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Why did the Y6 child cross the river?

Y6 Moorland Hall Day 4

11 May 2017

We can’t believe this is our final day. It has absolutely flown by - what a week we have had!

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Surf's up, up, up!

Y6 Moorland Hall - Day 3

10 May 2017

With five minutes to go before breakfast, our final few children drifted down to the living room having enjoyed a brilliant night’s sleep. It was another split day, with groups 1 and 2 taking on gorge walking and tree surfing whilst groups 3 and 4 spent the day on the Cornish coast.

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Year 6 Moorland Hall Day 2

09 May 2017

An impromptu early morning game of football started the day in the right way and we were off and away on our activities as soon as we had demolished breakfast.

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Year Six - Moorland Hall Day 1

08 May 2017

Having spent the past week shivering every time we crossed the playground, it was incredible to picnic in the glorious sunshine.

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