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Our first day of adventures at Sayers Croft

15 May 2017

After lunch, we all went off to a busy, if a little damp, afternoon of activities.

The Foxes and Frogs took it in turns to climb up and abseil down the climbing wall.  Thankfully we had no ‘Tim from Cliffhanger’ moments!  They all showed courage and a good team spirit to keep each child on the wall safe. The Foxes then orienteered their way around the Sayers Croft campus using the maps and clues provided.  Before climbing, the Frog group had worked hard to make their way around the challenge course as a team. This activity asks the children to work together, think logically and come up with different solutions to solve the different problems they are posed around the course. It’s a little like the Crystal Maze! It is always very interesting to watch how the children react with very little adult intervention.


For the first activity, the Moles were bravely led into the cave by Mr Bryan.  Unfortunately he got stuck but the children had a fantastic time scrambling around him and eventually he made it out in once piece. All of the little moles lived up to their names and had fun exploring the tunnels. Next came the challenge course for them.


The Mouse group began their afternoon with orienteering, with Isla and Myleene finding the landmarks on the map in record time.  This was followed by caving.  The phrase, “Best thing ever!” could be heard echoing from different hidden corners and ball pits inside the cave and the children did not want it to end.  Miss Hayman had the sense not to go in! 


After the excitement of the first two activities, the ‘mice’ and ‘moles’ joined together to find their way around paths in the Sayers Croft wood using a compass.  With the help of the saying, ‘Put Fred in the shed’, which referred to the red compass hand fitting inside the hollow red arrow, the children soon picked up using the compass and most of them flew around the courses. Charlie C and Jack W were particularly quick and determined but all of them persevered brilliantly.


The Frogs and Foxes were asked to build shelters for themselves in the woods so that they would not get wet and hide from a bear, otherwise known as Mr Waterman. The ‘grizzly bear’ then visited the shelters to see if he could get inside. The shelters were also tested by sudden rain, otherwise known as Miss Megoran, Miss Tuck and Miss Michel pouring water on top of the shelters which unfortunately, got some of the children wet too!


The children had a hearty dinner before bravely but cheerfully heading into the woods for a drizzly night walk. After making some very interesting ‘cocktails’, all the children got up close and personal with the trees, hugging them with blindfolds on before being moved away by their friends and then trying to find their own personal tree.  Hot chocolate and a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ for William has finished the day and hopefully all will have a good night’s sleep before tomorrow’s exploits.


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