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Sayers Croft Day Two - Pitch Hill

16 May 2017

After an action packed first day, the children settled down and fell to sleep in record time and slept soundly – at least until 5.30am!  We then all tucked into a hearty cooked breakfast and the children even enjoyed a cup of tea to prepare them for the long walk ahead. 

At about 10am, the Moles and Mice (and Mr Howes) set off in one direction, travelling anti-clockwise, and the Frogs and Foxes set off in another direction, travelling clockwise.  All with one goal, to reach the top of Pitch Hill.  The weather was absolutely perfect for the hike and the children set off with a spring in their step.  We walked through the nearby woodland, beautiful meadows and cute villages.  And it was all uphill in the morning.  With non-stop chatter, a couple of digestives, many riddles for the teachers to answer and the occasional kissing gate, we all made it to the top of Pitch Hill.  In fact, the two teams reached the top at exactly the same time! 

The views did not disappoint and everyone had a well-deserved break for lunch after almost three hours of solid walking. After devouring the packed lunches, the children were soon running around with renewed energy. Led by the fantastic Sayers Croft staff, we then played a couple of games.  The first was a competitive ‘cone race’ between the four groups.  This involved children collecting as many cones as possible and putting them end to end in a straight(ish) line along the ground. The team with the longest line wins.  This was taken extremely seriously and despite the veteran teachers’ experience and tactics it was Miss Megoran’s youth and energy that won the day, with a lot of help from her Frog teammates.  After this, the teams chose two children to play dead and the rest of the team lay cones around them to create a convincing crime scene.  Unfortunately for the Foxes, a very excitable passing puppy did not appreciate the point of the game and destroyed their evidence!  Despite this, the children enjoyed the unexpected but very cute visitor.

It was then time for the two groups to walk back to Sayers Croft, down the route the other team had walked up.  Most of the children found the return journey easier and some even managed to race each other to different landmarks.  Servings of Haribo and biscuits may have helped!  Eventually we made it back to Sayers Croft at about 4.30pm and Mrs F’s Fitbit told us we had walked 8km!  It was a challenging walk but the children rose to the challenge and they should all be proud of themselves for today’s achievement.

When we returned, some of the children still had the energy for shelter building and woodland compass reading.  Others chose to enjoy some free time, which included playing football, reading and playing with their cards. Next it was another hearty meal at dinner time followed by one of the highlights of the trip, roasting marshmallows over the camp fire and a singalong!  It has been a long day and, despite the excitement, I am sure the children will soon be tucked up in bed and ready to sleep.

Before returning to you tomorrow afternoon, the children will be tidying their dorms, reading your letters, and then taking part in their two remaining activities before lunch and then the journey home. I imagine there will be lots of very tired but satisfied little Foxes, Frogs, Mice and Moles greeting you back at school.  

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